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Ceramic Slow Feeder - Moss Green

Ceramic Slow Feeder - Moss Green

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A stylish slow Feeder for the dogs who tend to "wolf" down their meals.

Made exclusively for @xoxomyko, each bowl is unique, sturdy, easy to keep clean and non-porous, using food-safe lead free glazes to keep your pups healthy and safe. They can be used for food or water, and would feature gorgeously on your kitchen floor (or wherever your pupperino likes to dine!).

Our ceramic pieces are one-of-a-kind pieces of art, hand crafted by a ceramic artist in Sydney, Australia on Cabrogal land.

Why a ceramic bowl/slow feeder over others, you ask?
Plastic bowls corrode over time and those little nicks and crevices is a haven for bacteria, and of course you want to look after your pup's health. Stainless steel bowls, while a cost effective and a decent option, have none of the character and personality that your pup has! 

Handwashing recommended however are dishwasher & microwave safe

Size: 19.5cm diameter

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