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Jam Donut Scrunchie

Jam Donut Scrunchie

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The Donut Life Collection, because life is better with donuts!

Scrunchie: Jam filled, sugar dusted donuts on light pink pattern

Fabric: 100% cotton

Our scrunchies are all one size. They are the perfect accessory to any outfit - they could be used to protect your hair in a cute bun or pony tail, or even just around your wrist.

Each scrunchie is carefully handcrafted in Sydney. This means each item is unique, with slight variations in size, colour and the pattern placement from what is pictured.

To ensure the safe use of our products, please do not leave your beloved pet or child unsupervised whilst wearing our products. XOXO Myko is not responsible for any damage caused to pet or human whilst wearing the product.
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