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LickiMat - Mini Tuff Soother for Cats or Small Dogs

LickiMat - Mini Tuff Soother for Cats or Small Dogs

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LickiMat Mini Tuff Soother Slow Feeder Mat is A Robust and Calming Addition to Your Pet's Mealtime
  • Alleviates Anxiety and Destructive Behaviour: The LickiMat Mini Tuff Soother is designed to calm and comfort your pet, reducing anxiety, boredom, and destructive behaviour through licking, ideal for stress-induced situations like vet visits or storms

  • Textured Patterns for Enhanced Taste: Features textured patterns that cater to pet preferences, compatible with a broad spectrum of treats and foods, enhancing taste sensation and allowing for the enjoyment of smaller food amounts

  • Healthful Licking Promotion: Encourages pleasurable licking in pets, which generates saliva to protect teeth and gums, aids in digestion, and scrapes off food particles and bacteria for fresher breath

  • Nutritious Treat Serving: Enables serving a variety of healthy treats, including yogurt and peanut butter, with the patterned surface challenging pets to lick slowly, resulting in prolonged enjoyment and fewer calories

  • Slows Down Eating: Acts as a beneficial alternative to quick eating, promoting slower consumption to help reduce bloating and improve digestion. Freezing food on the mat enhances this effect

  • Innovative Feeding Bowl Alternative: Offers a versatile replacement for traditional pet bowls, allowing for the neat and simultaneous serving of raw, wet, dry, and liquid foods without mess, in a range of designs and colours

  • Enhanced Durability for Eager Eaters: The Mini Tuff Soother is engineered to be robust, ideal for pets who are enthusiastic eaters, ensuring it withstands more vigorous licking and feeding activities

  • Safe and Durable Material: Constructed from non-toxic, food-grade TPR, ensuring safety for your pet

  • Easy Maintenance: Freezer safe, microwave friendly, and hand washable for convenient care, free from BPA, PVC, silicone, and phthalates, and fully recyclable

Dimensions (approximate)

  • 15cm length x 15cm width x 1cm depth


  • If this product is used correctly, it is strong and long-lasting

  • It is not a chew toy – inspect for wear and take it away from your pet if any pieces become loose or detached

Cleaning Instructions

  • Rinse and wash the mat once your pet has finished licking up all their food/treats – do not leave the mat with old/dried food and treats attached to the surface

  • Soak and hand wash in warm, soapy water

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